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So... You would just Say Whatever your thinking about @ that moment to your "girl, wife or whatever".
No 5-secs to filter Anything out? ... That is interesting ... LoL

Hehe your welcome^^ and thank you♥ I know I can't wait, it's snowing more and more I love it!!!

Nice page, love that Aston Kutcher gif♥ +5 karma^^


omg omg you are ...:O

hi surprised i was noticed lol ty.:)or as u say excellent smithers;)

Another 5 stars for you.

OMG that GIF Bro

karma!!! hi

+5 karma for your cute french ^w^

Blurb About Me

I would say I'm a very nice guy, honest, a little fickler at times, confused, and always wanting more. I try to be happy with what I have (I am for the most part), but I always think there's something missing in my life. "Scarlet Blade Girlfriend!" I'm very trustworthy, I hate to lie, but I also don't like hurting people's people. So I would just tell that person some of it, not the whole truth unless I feel it necessary to give it out all. If it choosing to lie or tell the truth to my girl, wife or whatever, I would tell the truth even if it mean I could lose her. It's better to tell it, in my opinion, pays off in the long run. I would say I'm pretty smart and mature... at least that's what people say that I know.

I'm not very good at describing myself, these are all examples I've received from my closest friends.