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I felt like spamming pinkie birds everywhere o.o Sorry :3!

I felt like spamming pinkie birds everywhere o.o Sorry :3!


Nothing much... it's just taking a break before I do something amazing to it xD

Yo StarLonely! Long time no see! Hope to see you more often in-game c:

omg you adorable thing... +5

Was working on Canta toon too, but ill neveeeer have time to actually finish her haha :) Well at least you'll get there someday! :P!!! Good luck with everything :P It's still hard to compete there.

Sounds like fun o.o not D: Bleeeh BOO school Q.Q At least you can get on to sell stuff. I dont even have time to check the auction board haha :) How's your ranger :P?

Yeaaah, I'm kinda on hiatus. |: Dont have as much time anymore, school took over haha :) I still check this though! So feel free to leave a message or something! Anyways what's uppp and how have you been ^^?

Had to youtube them to know the band and their song. :P
But it wasn't bad :)
Last train home.

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Thank you very Much Bloo~ for recording my WEdding



Hi :) My name is Angelica! Proud nubby member of Trouble~

Retired DDt :)

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