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Blurb About Me

Mmmm nothing much about me though o.o ~~

Currently taking a break from Grand Fantasia.

GF(Bodor): SilverPoo lv70 SS

Oh btw, I'm a avatar/siggy collector too :O Always tempted to hunt for new siggy or avas >:D I love to have amazing artworks in my profile <3

Lovely sig&ava artists :
> michikokale, Check out her awesome art shop!I really like her artworks :D!!
> silverportraits, Her lovely shop!
> Aiirza, Her lovely shop!


Thanks to michikokalefor the awesome animated cactus poo she made for me :D ^
Thanks to silverportraitsfor the awesome siggy!! ^
Thanks to Aiirzafor the awesome ava/siggy :D ^
Thanks to LittlexNekofor the pretty siggy! ^
Thanks to Ghost4.0from Shaiya forum for the siggy! ^
Thanks to necklingfor the wacky siggy xD ^



^u^ thank you~ i'm glad you liked it~~

Thanks for the add Poo! Karma for such a sweet person

Rated and thanks for the credit XD. o7