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Omg lol you make me miss playing with you guys so much. On a not so similar note, I saw Obama yesterday at his Melbourne speech :). I would say I was around 10-15ft. away. I'm kind of a big deal. Thanks.

Evidently, I am missing something called EntitiesMP.dll?

That's unfortunate. Found any new fun games I may be interested in?

I actually said more than just that lol, but it didn't post for some reason. Enrolled at UCF yet?

Hey dork :b

ofc what?

Well that simply will just not do. My laptop can't handle my like...75 required updates lol. Apologies.

Unfortunately, my "good" computer is having hard-drive problems, and is out of commission for...indefinitely lol. I see no reason to fix it, my sole purpose for having one built from scratch like I did was for LC. Now I just use my laptops for everything, and they don't like LC. But I do have it on here, it's just rather partial to lag. Trio is back or what ha? Did you notice I dropped off of ranks, though only because of inactivity lol? should consider my offer of just calling me lol, being that I get on here so inconsistently. OR -- if you're shy, text. Tell me if ya want the # loser.

Lol back in MG. Retarded ass guild. I think I was like 18 or 19 in that picture long ago.

Ilysfmihbiwttyiaagbicb,wtjw The comma should be there, tell me once ya got it.