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Nice siggy bro, who made it for you? XD

sa mérite un J'AIME xDD

Blurb About Me

Vivre, pour aimer, pardonner et aider ceux qui vienne dans ma vie.

Live, to love, to forgive and help who came in my life...


I am 17, I live in Canada.

I'm someone very open minded, and I like to talk with anyone =3

I follow, the way of the Samurai :

The Bushido, the way of the warrior, is a old way of life created in Japan. Bushido, means to be respectful, to have honour, and to always have courage in every situations. This way of life, is in the death : Live without regrets, always fill your heart with compassion, love, courage; so when you die, you die in peace. That's my way.