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hi and hello. alot of ppl know me as cloudFFVII on shaiya and LC. i mainly use cloudFFVII_UM archer lvl54. all my toon start with cloudFFVII. well im a person who loves a laught on the game and in life. good sence of humor.i care alot about ppl i always helpful and understanding. a good listener and basicaly someone to talk to if need. i have own guild in LC called fantasy warriors. i love my final fantasy as u can tell from my pic i dressed as cloud at a fan show. i love bass hunter and dj music. as alot of ppl know on shaiya i like to have a drink lol. as for other contacts there are other places u can get honl of me feel free to i dont bite..(much) on imvu phoenixraver1


hi i see you are a fan of cloud, im a fan of tifa! nice to meet u :)

sorry for not answering.i wasnt on cause i was a little sick and had exam at school,again sorry.
and sure i try to find someone:)
and np*smiles*

oh my:)
so looks like you had fun,ha?

sure,but you have to wait a lil:)
she looks cute:)(as i can see)

yep,thats cloud and the other one aerith,right?
final fantasy is the game i like most and after it many other games:)

hi! thanks for asking hope we become good friends:)
it looks like you are a fan of final fantasy right?

hi thanks for the request ^_^