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Currently following a indie game:

Anything else? Feel free to PM me.
If you need immediate help, try to find a GM/GS in-game or in the shoutbox of the game you need help with.
Thanks~ :3


Saiiiiii, why are you not on skype anymore? :(

Saiiiiiiiiiiiii, where have you beeeeeen? :

Thanks! I like yours too :)


Hellow!!!~ Pretty proofilex3
+5Karma for chu!!!*o*~ Cya:3

WoW , you ve got lots of Badges!

pokes back

Sai, Inbox me your Skype name :)

sai its not working

happy halloween GS ^_^ wooohhhh~~~


Blurb About Me

I'm a friendly Game Sage for the AeriaBrower team, since December 2011 to present. Always looking to make friends~ However, my Game Sage duties do some first, so please respect that. I do play client games as well and lurk other Aeria games. I'm always here to help you! :)
I love making guides and building / editing the wiki for aeria. If you want me to make one or need help making it yourself, please feel free to message me.

I like cookies....a lot!

Currently following a indie game:
What's a Game Sage?
A Game Sage is a community volunteer. Game Sages are normal players, not Aeria Employees, and do not have any special powers or abilities. They are your bridge between players and Game Masters. Game Sages can help mediate issues in-game, help test bugs, and are generally good individuals to go to for advice on game play and for questions. Game Sages assist Game Masters by helping maintain game rules and our Terms of Service, as well as by reporting players who may be disruptive.
Game Sages do NOT: Ban players, reprimand players, fix bugs, have any special powers.
Remember: Game Masters and Game Sages will NEVER ask for your password.


Games I play / name:

DDTank (GS)SaiYuki™ all servers
Crystal Saga SaiYuki both servers (mainly on server 3/4)
R.I.P. Roll 'n Rock T_T
R.I.P. Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE online (aka MegaTen) T_T
Eden Eternal Retired.
PSN - (PS3/4 and PSP/Vita)
Nintendo - 3DS
^Message me for info.


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