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Prince ♥ Come back soon we all miss you (karma huggles back)

Meh shaiya's boring me to death in general @_@ sigh I need to find me something better to do with my time xD

I have been alright, fairly bored with everything @_@, seems like nothing interesting is going on :(

aww I know how you feel >.>

sigh, well how have you been in general?

how you been ?

why you been hiding in the shadows !!!


how you been man?!

Do you have a 60 pvp toon?

What up!

i've been away for a few weeks...
whats good?!

hahah they should :p

curiosity killzzzzz

Hahaha i see now!

i was sitting here wondering what does that mean !!! XD


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Don't let the "join date" fool you.


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Here's another recent siggy (set) I've made. As usual, I have to make sacrifices in order to animate, so I made a "poster" version of the signature too^^

lol and this for fun: