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Just wanted to say ,thanks for the cap matches in the past.
And whatever you decide to do,were ever you decide to go after DWO shuts down---have fun.

Fantastic matches! :D Thank you for them! :D Definitely more soon! We have quite a number who are interested now!.. well.. like.. six - but it's better than none XD! Me, Fwiffo, Aisling, Glyde, JuanJose and MaskedOne :). Maybe we can find more and have multiple taking place at once - that's the dream!

Too early for congratulations on Grand General.. still 100 honour away from it! XD

And LOL... sounds like it's a direct relation - evil, plotting and grizzly? Definitely related! And as if my evil grandfather would be foolish enough to leave a digital footprint - he's obviously far too cunning! :]

Are you on now? Shu has a full team able and ready :o

Also, out of interest.. how many people do you think you could get? I think, if available, then there's at least me, Aisling and Glyde on LB's side :)

Yes! XD You have to give prior notification though XD Generally, Friday nights, neither me nor Aisling will be on because we spend time together then! Other than that, we should be good! Atm, I've been Kunlun Mountains-ing it with Impulse.. because I'm like 300 honour away from Grand General. :o I also added you on Xbox! :)

D8 Waiting in lobby

Me and Aisling are going to start playing capture and destroy soon :) We might be able to get at least a set team of three ready soon o.o Me, Aisling and hopefully Glyde. We will give you a shout when ready :o
Also, how long have the destroy matches only had two bases for? o.O Didn't it used to be four? o_O XD

Also, also - had fun playing against your team! :D

Also, also, also... you get karma :D Look at me being nice... doesn't suit me o.o XD


Shinsennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! :U