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White Knight Chronicles2: really love that OP song ^^
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory, newest in HN PS3-series liking that intro too ^^ for Valkyria Chronicles, liking both games and anime.


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Blurb About Me

In Scarlet Blade:
Liking the ranged classes including Medic, Sentinel and Punisher.
Mainly Sentinel: LilyVelvet, Alisette. May come back because of lvl cap update and how things look like ^.^

Other MMORPGs: KoA, FFXIII, White Knight Chronicles2, Hyperdimension Neptunia(1,Mk2 and Victory), Tales(Xillia for latest)just mention few of those.

In Eden Eternal Diamond server: my main char is Illyasvielo(human)lv71, Noire_S (from Hyperdimension Neptunia-games)human lv65, Peashy (HN Victory)halfkin lv45, Jar_Nez Anuran lv35, making Ursun and Zumi later.10.3.2013 Aww, that new update. Where i can get time for it? Q^Q

Favorite anime: Fate/Stay Night all the way and other Fate-related series, Another, Senjou no Valkyria, Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation to add few more of those.

LilyVelvet, my main SE in Viledon ^^
5.8.2013 Yay, my 1st unique XD 26 runs in SF solo.

In Aura Kingdom my characters in Hydra: Uni_CPU (Gren/Sorc). Vert_CPU(Bard/Wiz) and Noire_CPU(Duelist/Gunslinger, Irisviele(Warbow/Bard), MAGES_Blanche(Sorc/Ravager), Blanc_CPU(Ravager/Gunslinger, Neptune_CPU(Ronin/Brawler), (OMG, my Blanc is alive again *^*). Evolving all Eidolons to 2star. 4.4.2014 my 1st lv60 recipe drop from Titanus, 10 runs in Otherworld Miner's Steppe solo mode, 30th run if counting all otherworlds 28.5.2014 got Zaahir's 10th key fragment (1st in 14.5 and 10th in 28.5 soo... it took 2 weeks, wew \o3o/ finally. Loyalty dailies, WB and Sky tower are all actually what i do these days till next update.


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