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Hi all!!! I'm planning on coming back to Canta soon. Right now I'm working on a Dread set since all I have right now are Heroics, lol. It's gonna take me some time to farm and get some decent gear. But I might show up anyway in my squishy gear as long as no one minds :P See you all soon!! Hugs

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Hiya, where you been this long time?

you draw the pic on your profile? if yes really nice work, *jealous* really nice (:

i like dog :P..jk :)

karma for your new page XD

=) hello nice to meet you

Karma for you! :)

thank you for the invitation ^^

happy valentines day

Blurb About Me

Well, let's see, not much to say about me, except my name is Misti and I am a Freelance Artist, doing artwork for magazines, coloring books, e-books, stationary, tattoo's, ect. Some of my artwork is posted on my website if anyone wants to check it out. The pencil portrait of Jackayl is one of my drawings.

I'm happily married to my hubby. We've been together for 18yrs. now and married for 13 of those years. We got together when we were in high school, when I was 15. I drive a 1979 Firebird Formula which I've owned for 14 years now, and that car is my baby.

I love reading, and my favorite books are the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, and the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. I also love playing video games, and my favorite games besides Shaiya are Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, Chrono Cross, Castlevania, and Legacy of Kain.

I've been playing Shaiya for about 3 1/2 years, but have decided to stay mostly in Canta and have been playing there about 2 years now. My Canta toon is my sin .Jackayl. I also have a toon in 1-15, she's a pag named .Aradia.

Anyway, I guess that about sums it up, lol.