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lol i did i did... i ran into...ummm uhhh someone from ur guild i forget who. they should be telling you hi for me. aaaanyways, they wanted me to put in an application for your guild and all that, but im just way to busy with the other server atm to be fully dedicated with yours :/ I do however, want to atleast keep checking in and hopefully run into you, so we can awkwardly *grin* at eachother... lol

lol i actually went on there yesterday and searched TC asking for a Pammykins lol...i just got a bunch of weird looks. I had to sneak outta there before they realized i was a lightie. but yeah, whenever im on my darkie i'll keep an eye out for you :) *hugs* miss ya homie

OMG i so have a dark gaia toon... >.> lol im in Family Matters. it's just a little side thing though, nothing too serious *grins*

I miss you!!!!!! *grins* come back to Teos :(


Blurb About Me

Pammykins is what most folks call me I can be found on Teos Alliance of Light!!!!

Hmmm Well lets see about me, well I am a mother of two lil boys. They are my world. I see myself as a down to earth person. There is right and wrong and then a whole lot of grey area. It is our job as human beings to shift through all the grey. I am divorced cause lets be real sometimes life doesnt always turn out quite the way you want it too. But, to get to the rainbow you have to dance in the rain for a lil bit. Anything else you think you just need to know about me you can pm me up.