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whats Happnin ya Turk lol thks for add bro ...

*Writes Kally waz eya in poop*

hey perv^^

ty ^^

Blurb About Me

i am from Turkey where u can find some great places to have holiday(especially long beaches,skiing,historical places etc whatever u looking for.i can give some city names if u care to visiting Turkey; İstanbul,Antalya,İzmir,Bursa these are some of them where u can enjoy and discover exciting things.) .i study as a computer engineer at Ege university in İzmir(best city in the world for me) .
i got large family , i have 3 brothers and 2 sisters :)(my parents hardworking? think so lol).My dad is retired as a worker(i respect to all workers and i am ready to fight for their rights).My mum is housewife and she s really talented 1 epecially making money lol.i think women more successfull about making money XD.
what do i like to do as free time activities?well, i like to listening music,graphic arts, playing an instrumental,having time with friends...hmm the best 1 for me; love to ride motocycle aahah :)
Lets talk about LC;i play LC about 1 year and hopefully i hitted 165 as NightShadow. i play on Tairen and my guild is TheEmpirE and my guild master is ANARCHİST whos really cool,helpfull,very active,friendly,generous one and these are not anough to describe him, i think lol :).well ,we has big fight with Vendatta guild like usual and any of you if wants to fight against of them welcome ahaha. lots of time i broke rules of game by the being new(we call that as NOOB) or having bad guides but i got my punishment:) the point respect to GM' GS' decisions,for sure without them we lose our controls then we cant have fun too :).(i feel free to arguee on a new rule or something announced by GM or GS, that not means i am against them. )what else i can comment for LC, after wolfteam i met LC and i never played other games except both of them becuase i believe in these games; its great success that aeria owns(maybe still has lots of problems with fixing glitches, graphic problems ...but as u can see all other mmorpg games has this problem too,i just hope LC be best game for future and i wish good luck for GM' about their works. )i suggest all you guys to use this forum regularly because it's the best teacher for LC :).
Finally,if my study allows me to stay here with you guys i ll be here of course:).And about improving LC or helping any of you i do my best with pleasure.Feel free to pm me if you guys have questions . everyThing for LC