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Echoes from a distant rivene
what lies beneath
are broken dreams
How does one stand up to such chaos
Let go
and keep your pride up , stay close
and rise up
Distinguish yourself as a rider
Show your enemies that your a fighter
In the end
you are universally glowing fire
your blood crimson magma
your scars an insigma of the battles
in your regalia
You are unstoppable
keep moving forward
Doing what Impossible could probably
be easily Possible
by mentally applying the blueprints
you can fundimentally do this
It's within your grasp
Do not ask why
Just know you will pass by
as the one that
Ignited Life, Aeria.

The moon laments to the ocean
As the waves conflict
A sweet emotion
You and I will always remain true
As the stars will always shine bright
And the vast skies blue
I will continue to fight
To be with you.
Don't Ask Why
Just know that I
Will always love you.
Even if it wasn't meant to be
You were always meant for me
I will try no matter what
Even if i can't be the guy u want
Can i still earn you love ?
Will u open your arms ?
or stick out your hand ?
Give me a sign
That i could be more than just a friend...


pufff my stache ;;

c: +5 karma for you. i like your profile

Thanks for the kind wishes :)

LOL you weirdo. you're just jealous of my mustache

Blurb About Me

Love Anime, Manga, Poetry or more like Flowitry lol, And most of all RPGS ^^
If I could be one anime character ... I'd be a mix with squall and cloud from final fantasy series ! They are soooooo badass !! OMG.

Transition your blade
To emmit a high optic fade
Towards the light
To heaven's planes
Remember your rites
That is your fate
You speak of nay
You speak of delay
Hurry and go now
before the lights barricade
and you are stuck forever in that place
where u shall decay...


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