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Nora! Nora!! DWO is shutting down!

LOL Nora >.>, btw how have you been, Nora ? Q.Q

Nora! :"(
Miss you how have you been?

*hugs* i miss u

Hey Nora long time no see :D

Thank you :) She is such a daddy's girl though, I only get to hold her when I'm feeding her. How have you been?

nps :) and my eden eternal name is AngelWings ;pp i didnt play in some time since iam becoming busy at college :/ iam playing abit less in dwo 2 :( and what about urs?

waaaaaaaaaaaaaah i hate spiders and i hate Abby why did you remind me of that T_T
since you scared me i'll scare you with something you know it too well :P

lol xD heya i missed you 2 :) how are u? and what ur doing? hmm ign in EE?? lol u arent getting old xDD u are a pretty and young aunty ;pp

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