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Blurb About Me

hi all,
my name is Nicky and i live in Belgium. I am 20y old and i work in a store. everyone say's i am funny (maybe i am), i am friendly you can ask me anything i answer. i am a lovely person and around me it's fun! i always have to laugh and make jokes about really stupid things xD.
c-ya in-game

Love is like peeing in your pants,
everyone sees it but you're the only one with the warm feeling inside.

i live in a litlle fairy tail where's everything candy and has pink unicorns and such, i like pikachu, the smurfs, fairy's, dragons, etc... :)


Miss you!!


cudnt resist ur group pikachu lovers xD

Coming back to Etain o.O Yaaay

Haha miss you too, but really what gears XD my account is cleaned :P

Got hacked, finally have my account back after 6 months im coming home!



my drawing of pikachu :D

cute cat/pikachu o.o