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Hey! It's been forever

Nerdy!! *O*

Rawrrrr XD

I'm doing gr8~ It has been so looooong!
Spread the word. ^^

Hii! I'm back from my super long break. ^^ How are you doing? It's Toastie, by the way.

Have fun. Cheers!

I know a lot of people who said they would never stay in Florida once they moved there, it would be temporary. lol Now you could not make them move out of Florida with millions of dollars. Good luck and cheers!

What causes you to move to Florida? I know quite a few peeps from Britain who moved to Florida and would not move back even if you paid them. One of them I know married last year a Florida regular. The great thing here is that you don't deal with snow nor really with winter. It's like a summer paradise almost all year long. We have Summer, Not Quite Summer, and Almost Summer. We can swim year long in our pools and beaches for example. The rain here is warm, not cold. You can actually run and play in our rain with little chance of getting sick. Plus the entire world comes to Florida sooner or later. lol Even my friend from Cali said she'd never even visit Florida, now she loves it more than Cali. lol Cheers!

Define interesting. We have pools, beaches, theme parks at discount, woods, springs, campgrounds, fishing, hiking, sky diving, etc.... Life here in Florida is rarely boring and is always going. Hard to rest sometimes with so much to do and get done. How about you??

Mostly just working, working out, living life, etc... Busy busy as always in Florida.