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Damn dude, impressive to say the least. You definitely brought me back to the game with a good feeling and expectations. I worked especially on hard on my hunter and relieved to see the basic concepts to linking apply. Kudos to you and the many others who contributed to your original post. Take care and most gratefully, have a nice game. :)

Well thank you very much. You've led me to some excellent resources. I was so confused by a lot of things, still am, but I feel so much better now. ^_^ Kudos to you!

Hi, nice profile :)


woot u own


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College grad doing data entry desk job no where near what my degree was intended for ... he he.

R.I.P. - Meepers (Aug 17, 2010), I'll miss ya chubby kitty Q.Q

I LOVE Halloween, decking out the house, trying to outdo myself each year with new decoration ideas.

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