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Nice Trans am :)

Our group is very strong, even we are shooting each other with biggest guns and fastest guns in the world we are not getting hit, because we believe in Jesus Christ, and we are afraid to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Guild Master.

Karma for you :)


Throwing some love your way ;)

Merry Christmas, Raiko :3

Heey Hun..
Hope everything is fine :)
and thanks for the advise yesterday..

Xxx Semper.Fi ( Colin )

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Meaning of Medieval Sword

The term "Medieval Sword" is used quite a bit and it takes a little bit of explaining to understand what is meant because there are two different meanings and these two meanings do overlap a bit.

Meaning One: A medieval sword is a sword that was used during what we consider the medieval period of time or roughly the middle ages.

Meaning Two: A medieval sword is what you think of when you hear the quote "I'm just gonna have to go Medieval on your @$$ !"

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