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**** bro, you still got the best siggies in game :-p

nice pic and new banner Aes, looks cool as hell

U ... look funny =P
Btw Nice guide, helped me alot ^^

Hi there,

Love your signature... it is very very thoughtfull of you. Hahaaa.
Guess you are the possimpable :D



So, Okay! I just read your Archer guide...ALMOST all of it, some of it didn't matter to me....yet! (I'm only level 16. =P) And after the guide someone said something about it being sexy..OMG yes!!! Thank you Thank you!! Is awesome! Will refer to it often!

Blurb About Me

The most legendary guide ever written :

I don't play anymore. I retired in spring of 2009. My Lightside name was Aes (pronounced "ace") my Fury name NotoriAes (a play on the word "notorious", given my well known forum status it seemed a perfect fit for a "darkside" alias.)

If you PM me or post anything here, there is about a .0001% chance that I'll ever see it because I rarely ever check this site anymore.

In the world of gaming, I did recently make a Bioshock 2 video walkthrough. If you're into that, check out my Youtube channel, my username is creAESions.