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Ooh yes *---* I'll poke you in game if I see you on! ~ *stalker mode on* So are you active in any game atm? c: Apart from GF

I've never had a tablet o3o I really want one though. They seem so cool *-*

MAAAAAYYYY! And yup, I do play GF. Though I am still a newb >: My IGN is Auen (a chibi lvl 40 ish cleric lol). And you? *♡*

Nuh uhhh :C I don't get presents on my birthday xD

love ur page +5

But but but D: PRESENTS

Oh my goshh LOL you probably are. This site is just 90% azn teenagers I swear. My dad is french & my grandmother on my mothers side is full asian. Seriously wtf is dis **** i dont even know anymore

Merry Christmassss - just trying to share a bit of holiday spirit!

Waa ty! I feel like the only white girl on here lmao everyone is azn I swear. ; ^ ; You so kawaii too bae (ノ・ω・)ノ

Yep! Sucks I can't finish sooner. My laziness is my enemy. ;-; ♥


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I would sail across the east sea
Just to see you on the far side
Where the wind is cold and angry,
there you'll be to take me inside.
We'll find ways to fill the empty,
far from all the hysteria,
I don’t care if we suddenly find ourselves in Siberia.


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