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Ya know mark, I still haven't been able to get the world map thing to work for me yet. lol I hope all is well. Dil, Rai, myself, and some others are playing a non-aeria game atm. Kinda boring for the most part, but you'd prob compete there just to prove you could. lol

So you do still visit aeria!

It had me wondering for a while, although interesting to see you on noobcomics still. What do you think of aeria's new parent company?

Haz Mark left aeria?

MARKKIIEEE!!!! ^o^ found ya~ lol not that i'm stalking or anything...:P guess who it is teehee :3 heres a hint: itd break rias' heart if i was a boy...xD

Happy New Year!
May this New Year 2014,
brings you the Brightest Day in your Life.

6661 VIEWS oH EM GE. I hope I'll still be here 5 views later to take a SS xD. +5 karma

Merry Christmas!

Hello Mark :))


 I Was Here First!