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  • Name: Sharnie
  • Gender: female
  • Location: P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way Sydney Australia
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See my profile to see my siggies made by many!:D

Blurb About Me

My Names Sharnie!!
My Birthday is on October 9!
I'm 18 years old and i love everybody
I Play Priests, Mages and Rangers on Teos AoL

My Toons are
[MysticBlood ] Mage HM in 1-15 PVP
[ ClownFish ] PriestHM going for 60pvp
[ bitemehoneyz ] RangerHM 60pvp
[ StealthBlood ] RangerUM Lvling for 70
[ AxeOfHades ] MageHM for lvling
I'm a proud member of the guild L0ST on Teos AoL! L0ST is fun, but red is mean -.-' Na just kidding red, ur just a pain :D Love youuu! haha
With many friends online playing with me, makes me happy to know that when i play this game, i have fun just hanging with friends :D and beating them in pvp ofc! with super friends (CottonCandy-) they make my gaming FUN



Hi Sharnie! Sometimes I have to visit just to check what time it is on your side of the planet. Hope you are enjoying Fall. The world erupted in spring here just this last week.

I don't know yet :O
I feel all special :D

What's up new popular friend :O
I'm friend with one of the popular YAY !!

Merry Xmas! Santa's still searching for your present.

Happy Birthday for the other day ;) hope ya had an awesome day!!

nice pic bunnyyyyy....sooo cute :)