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Blurb About Me

Things I often say when thinking:

Sometimes the things you wish for are not the things you deserve.
Sometimes the things you get are not the things you want.
Sometimes the things you ask for are not the things you get.
The only thing that matters is what you do with what you have.
I choose to appreciate it all... no matter what.


When it comes to reality, we can't escape.
The things we have now we cannot take
With us after we've tried to live out a life
That is filled with joy, pain, love, and strife.
If you're reading this message, you were probably bored.
That is fine by me for I thought it'd be entirely ignored.
Challenge accepted?


Dreams can become reality.
But when the two opposing psychological forces mix,
there can be a mental catastrophe.


If you can't find your reason to love,
then how can you have a reason to live?



Consider it an accident when I don't farm your COM.



Berry niace vid~



I make my own music. If you enjoy, feel free to visit my Sound Cloud Page for more.

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If you would like to see my videos, they can be found in my forum post here.