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about me

I guess this is where I am supposed to say some things about myself. It's very hard for me to make "about me" profiles because I tend to never know what to say. Well, anyway my name is Kayla. I like to play online games. Outside of gaming I like to spend most of my time with my hubby and my baby boy. Other hobbies I have are baking, sewing, and of course, drawing.

currently playing

Aion ☆彡

Aura Kingdom ♥

Tera ♥

Eden Eternal ♥


Merry Christmas~~!! The page is in Christmas Spirit!~~~ but Lovebab haven't been here for few weak :P

lol guess who this is?

your profile is so cutee ♥

Xuna~ Hbu? I need to add you to friend's before Alpha is over!

o gosh, cute girl on Aeria who loves PvP??
Marry meee * u *

Muris are really cute, but I rolled a Turga as planned. I like being taller than others in game. It makes me feel intimidating xD;; kehuhuhu~~

I watched The Woman in Black in theater today. It gave me nightmares, and now I can't go back to sleep. Time to play some LO

I actually hope they introduce PvP zones or something later, because the combat is so smooth! I love finally playing a game where I can kite and jump around the mob like a retard while using my skills xD;;

Are you a Human Cleric?