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Interesting article regarding Blande & Soul...
30 bucks is WAY STEEP for a monthly fee

Support TRULY FREE to play games.

If Scarlet Blade US has to live supported on gambling, it may as well close because that is no RPG whatsoever. Liveplex ceated one of the fairest games to the player that i have ever seen; now i have it clear. And seems there is nobody brave enough to run it as it deserves and exploit its great potential. I hope that such publisher ever appeared before it is too late (for the game)

Sigh... And i thought you had learned about the spidermechs...
No one wants them!

Gothic lolita whippers?... GOTHIC LOLITA WHIPPERS!
The chinesse Queens Blade webpage looks done by professionals :D here But they seem to update stuff even slower than us...

Wisdom for dummies! A summary of quotes i may or not use in my signature ;)

"Free to play is a big hypocrisy if P2W still plagues it"
"Curious game, The only winning move is not to play it"
"+4 enhancement chance is NERFED"
"I support truly free to play games"
"Altering the basic mechanics of a game is a really good way to kill it" Not even mine :D
"Ostrazice a cheating player. Make them be alone, don't buy their goods, and they will disappear out of boredum"

One of the LV 50+ areas in Queens Blade is above the clouds?! KEWL!

What is doing NAYAN out of Mereholt?!



Badge! Trolled By Leo!


Free. Signature removed until things improve with Scarlet Blade. And seeing how things are, probably it will be removed forever.


+5 for the new picture :D

Dat Gloria background tho! Love it!

That sig though O.O

ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss MGSR!!!!!!!!

Dat song dude. So intense. (I

Where have you been?! DX

Liking the new sig :)

omg im dead# lool

lovin the sigs and fanfic. +karma

Currious question...you got a DA page? or any other account/page where you share us you art :D