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Gone for now :) ty all for the fun times and wish u all the best !


miss you too dear xox

Sorry was late my dear :P

Hiya Lianne ^^

We couldn't play much after 2010 but i just want to let you know that i really appreciated our friendship and thank you for being such a kind person and sweet ^^

Finally i caught a boy like i told you hehe, you see you'll catch one soon

Stay strong Lianne and be happy, im sure you are already ^^

Maybe we wont see each other again but i really wish you the best sis ^^

The 4 Sis's alwasy together (Nop, You, Jess & Me) *hugs* :*

I miss you

havent seen you in game for a bit. what are you doing ? :o

Knuffies! muah Lianne i love u

hope u like it ^^

Awwww, the only thing i hated from our friendship is the timezone :( Wish we could have played a lot more after your come backs :'( but well i decided to leave the game for good. I hope you can still have funn lianne *hugs*, also noo, phil and some of our friends still around, im sure you wont feel alone ^^ wish you the best as well and thanks ^^ maybe oneday we can catch up and take a SS :D