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Blurb About Me

Hi, my name is Silke.
My friends call me Sisi.
I'm age 19 and ofcourse a girl lol.
I play games for fun.
I mostly hate my life because what happened in my past but you got to look up at the stars and try to reach them one day. I hope I can because some drop before they can be reached.
I welcome everyone who visits!
Some of you call me childish on the forums. Not verry helpfull and stuff, but if you knew how manny new people are in my guild and how manny i help, well you'd be saying omg really?. i might not act like a adult at all time and somethimes yes go in an argue. But that doesnt nessecarly mean im a bad persone. I am childish yes and I ont blame my ADHD on it. Nor will I blame all my typos on me being Dyslexia. I am -to proberly much unbelieve- the mot loyal persone u can get. i WILL ALLWAYS SUPORT!



See that little star? That's me wanting to shine.


cute pagee

+5 c:

ty for the add ♥

I am so sorry ange ;-; *hugs*

Awe... what's wrong? Summer is supposed to be fun!

Awn ;u; miss you a lot too!
And was it your birthday few days ago?
It's late, but.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sisi!~ Hai c:
And I'm afraid I do not play Aura Kingdom anymore /o\ since my laptop has broken down. I'm more active with browser games atm, especially on Dragon Pals! If you play that game, you can add me there ^-^

OMGOMGOMG! angeeeeeeeeeee *♡* yay~

toooooo lazy Dx

Yup! I saw the banner! It's cute *^*


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Raptr Gamercard