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ranger windninja lv.49 /wizzy badbunny lv.40 my guild



boy you know you swaging

hehe thx Karma for yoooou to =P

I like it this way, too though. Lol.

its goin awesome started on a diferent server what about your gaming

heeey monkeyboy

its purple

heeeeeey love the monkeys^^

I don't know of any necromancer PvP guide, sorry. If I find one, I'll be sure to link it to you.

o/ pretty good and yourself?


Blurb About Me

hmmm i like all kinds of music. i love pvp or a good duol. i am on quill channel alot
reading manga is what i truly do best.i am 17. i play alot. i get mvp alot . i am good a tanking. i dont realy like sport's altho ppl say i should play foot ball. i love reading i am a semi nerdy. but yet i suck at math lol.


I Remember the Gaia Server 2010-2012