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*pokes sixxy* hope your life gets better soon dear ♥

Sixxy come play with me to night since I have the time to play o.o
Please ♥

Sort off, if you want too you can hit me up on skype ^^

So Sixxy when you going to PvP again?

Can always hope ♥
Bright side about not playing is I got time to focus on my writings :P
When I ain't busy trying figuring out life xD

Aww miss j00 too ♥
RL got the best of me atm so can't be on Shaiya sadly.

I glue myself to all smexy orcs lol j/k. After my restat that's all I can do is harrass you :P

TY for add

Don't worry hun I'll take the lead ;)

Okies, I will try to be on :P