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Blurb About Me

Hey I'm Fang, not my legal name YET. I'm a Dingo furry, and proud to be a furry!
Эй, я Fang, не мое юридическое название ЕЩЕ. Я Dingo пушистый, и горд быть!
Я тоже русский
Lol AVA.



why are you still using my signature... I thought I asked you repeatedly to remove it or give credits.

Awesome signature

russian wannabe...oh wait, you are russian...:D

I has like 500 furry pictures I could add on my page of you want :3 but thanks...and you get karma for being a shmexy dingo.

♥ XD.

I changed my fursona from a Husky to Dingo xD...hope you don't mind O_O

your avatar looks naiceeeeee c: +5 karma

You sir, get karma for the freaky guy in the game I bought last week and have yet to install and play.