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Hi? I'm not good at this about me stuff, but I always say that, so whatever! I'm kalakadoo, just call me kala, I like reading, drawing, reading/watching anime/manga and I watch a few kdrama. I also like arts and crafts, I like softball... and I think that's mostly it! I'm quite a boring person, huh...
I am currently playing:
Dragon Pals: Server 1 and 2
Crystal Saga: Server 4
I don't use "kalakadoo" as a username anymore, feel free to pm me to know my new one(s)! and that's it, so... bye?


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happy Christmas!!

AHHH! i still need to watch it! me and my anime friend should just have this madoka magica marathon.

yayy! madoka magica is also one of my favorites and you're going to love noragami!!! the weird thing is that the madoka magica manga has a bunch of other series like puella magi orika magica and some other ones that contiune the series.

i was wondering if you ave ever watched a show called puella magi madoka magica or one called noragami?

i've never heard of detective conan and whats kdrama? all i really watch is anime.

hey i've heard of beauty pop and zombie-loan. i've been meaning to read both because beauty makes me think a show called ouran high host club and zombie-loan i think is done by my favorite manga artists peach-pit. they did a series called shugo chara which is one of my favorite mangas.

yeah that was the one. she was my favorite with the whole awesome purple thing going on.

i think my favorite was strength too or the purple-ish black rock shooter if you know what i'm talking about.

i like your avatar cus its strength from black rock shooter!!

Nuuuu don't snooooore D8<