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Blurb About Me

Hello everyone, my friends and families nicknamed me Yuri. You can call me Yuu for short. I'm from a small town located somewhere in Wisconsin, USA. I am at the age of 21. I'm a hard working gamer that loves to do everything legit. I do tend to talk a lot when meeting new people, but i'm not saying that i'm very annoying. I just like people to see who I am. I love playing volleyball, games, dance, and sing. Anyone has a question about me, just hollar at me. I'm a gamer just like everyone else on here. Feel free to add me or comment me. Have fun, laters!

Vote for me too, though i dont know what Karma gives you or whatnot. :)


Thanks :DD

ohh yeah and i love super junior 2 and shindong is my fav he's adorable and funny cant get any better then that lol

yeah i know im totally late in replying sorry XD lol but yeah im kpop crazy and my fav bands r 2pm mblaq teen top, and Beast but thats just boy groups my fav girl ones are after school tara kara miss A .. the girl list goes on and one because there r so many of them lol XD


karmaa :)

Mmm- we had such a nice community. Er-- well me and my friend are planning to set up a private guild so...yeah...

Ahaha, yeah, the wait is horrendous. I've been RP-ing just to pass the time XD.
Yeah I realised. Well, have fun at RoseKnights! ^^

Oh hey Kabuto! I've been good, a little busy on the art side but overall nice. How about you? *v*

haha, maybe some alcohol... haven't drank for such a long time! but yeah, i like making gifs but my webcam's quality is disgusting, so a new cam would be ideal.
how about you? what do you want this christmas? c:


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