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your so very pretty! its good to see girls who other play games too!

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i cant act like i don't like your play list but its awesome

Kingdom Heroes has dance emotes. Someone made a music video of it.

Be afraid:

SO! Apparently you aren't on atm so I decided to wait for airport wifi to take 30 mins to load to this part of your page lol. I just wanted to so I love you sooooo much and I made it to H-town fine, I miss ya hun and hope you'll do okay without me for a bit :( I'll talk to you later babe, broke my heart saying goodbye earlier, especially when we did the cliche last glance back and caught eachother looking. I wonder if anyone is going to read this before you do I sound like such a dork... OH WELL I LUVORZ JOO TTYL HAWT STUFF