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  • Name: João
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  • Birth: Aug 20
  • Location: Azores Portugal
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Hello. Good to see an old face is still here. Of course I am not saying you are old :)


Pretty sure it's from Rulyz comment... if you just delete it, it will go away. I will ask him, thanks for the response!

The song on your profile... What is it? I know it's from someone's comment, but I don't know how to find it! Any chance you know?

ahhh nice Aura Kingdom is fun if you play on siren add me my bard is ChaosLight xD

long time no see ya old dog cant believe you're still around to feels like just the other day we played LC on hatz server. cant believe so much has changed since the good ol days of LC and aeria *-*

Ah I see. Wanted to send the one who made it a compliment, but well ;p can't track him/her down then. Even if the name isn't accurate anymore, it's still a beautiful sig c:

I've wanted to say this for a while now but I love your signature! c: who made it?

xoxoxo i love your signature xD made me giggle


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