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  • Name: Kat
  • Gender: female
  • Location: New Jersey of Course :P United States
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Thanks for my siggy "Mort" Romulus xo

Blurb About Me


HI I'm Kat.. I am 44 years young, single mom of two beautiful daughters and I am a born and raised Jersey girl :) I have been playing Last Chaos for close to three years..I mostly can be found Tairen as of late...come play with me! :) leave some luv xoxo

Sarissa... All on hold
JerzKat.. Healer/Archer... 6x old skool was super noob b4 this even on C and K lolz

JeZeBeL... Wizard 51 old skool... on hold
JerzzzKat...104 archer..................
XxTrinityxX 7X Witch
AngelKittiKat Pheonix Archer

Auzura EU Guild Vendetta...
KissThis 11X Wizard Vendetta
AngelsVoice Healer noob lol GM ApostlesCreed
KissMyJerzAss Pheonix Archer 9X Vendeatta now generic name RIP to the best name ever lol
EmoThis NS guildless

New Server Tairen... Guild Vendetta KissMyJerzAss *** ReNamed*** JerzzzKat Archer..16X
XKissThisX Mage noob gm of sp guild "LosVendettos" ( Formerly named "Death" guild )
KissTheDirt Night Shaddow 90
KissMyArsenal 107 Phoenix mage Wiz

AngelsVoice healer T server alt GM of LockedNLoaded
LadyLuck T server rogue
FREEDOM T server Titan


Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.


PhotobucketFirst healer to hit 100 in Tairen.... KissMyJerzAss :p[b]


Me and friendsPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket object width="300" height="200">


always soo pretty :) miss ya girlie :)

hi karma for you

Hey beautiful just stoppin by say hello, Tell everybody I said hello...

katyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hugsssssss ^^ , missing youuu so much :)