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Misa.Yp1 of Sun Jian


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Honey, I know that :P...but meh , not liek i study all the time either, im moar shocked that mah classmates keep insisting that i r the top student in teh class tho O . O

you srsly need to stop sleeping while answering the exams T-T

Blurb About Me

Hello, My name is Bommy!, I play Dwo with my friendsssss....

Im a slicked back,relaxed and lazy 16 year old girl who likes sleeping O . O

I like the color pink.

Im not that interested studying. only in resting and having fun

My Ign in Dwo is Misa.Yp1, Bom.JJ1, both guards, yeaaaa...too lazy for melees i only quest everyday.
---Will Update Later---