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  • Name: Hasaan
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  • Location: London United Kingdom
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Still waiting for the compensation for those missing pitchforks and torches!

Blurb About Me

I used to play games on ijji, mainly Lunia and Gunz, but quit both ages ago. You can still find me online playing the Ijji games that migrated here (Gunz, Soldier Front and Ava). I also may rarely go online to play Battlefield Heros, Need For Speed World, Wolf Team and Twelve Sky 2. I have some experience with Need for Speed World, Wolf Team and Battlefield Heros, but I'm completely new to Twelve Sky. You can regularly find me playing on Wartune, mainly on Server 1 but I'll appear every now and then on the other ones.
Well that blurb above is pretty old now I guess. Still playing the games mentioned up there every now and then, but I play S4 and Gunz2 regularly as well. Funny how most of the games I play a ones that Migrate here lol.