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Hello! If you join to the group would be nice!
Have fun as always, we are making the group a helpful group so stay tuned. Eat well protect your self at all time, In God We Trust.

Short Name: Dog Tag

The USA Bloodz made up of various sub groups known as "USA Legend" between which significant differences exist such as Game operations, and Christianity ideas which may be in open conflict with each other. Since our creation, the USA Bloodz have branched out throughout the United States.

Last Chaos Forum Username: USAGuildMaster

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USA Bloodz Founder.

gunz 2

Oh man sorry to hear that, what are you going to do now ?

-shares u a milkshake ^^

BOM BOM!! Karma n_n




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GunZ: The Duel (January, 5th 2012 - June, 3rd 2013)