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Amazing music *-*

I'm doing pretty good! I don't play Aeria anymore but I'm just here because I'm managing my shopee! xP

Derzeria!!! \o/ You're still here yay! O_O

Thank you very much for the awesome sketch! Hope your wisdom teeth get better,out of all my surgeries that was the worst! Keep on the soups and soft foods,apple sauce is good too. :)

Haha, I see. :P Yeah, I love listening to them, I've probably went through every single one on all 3 most popular channels (MrCreepyPasta, CreepsMcPasta, CreepyPastaJr). There's sooo many that I would call favourites, I just don't know. lol

Maybe the long cp series called Penpal, and also The Showers, but there's alot of shorters ones that I love, too. xP

Do you usually listen to or read creepy pasta? DA MAN!

Was randomly clicking people profiles on my friends list and had several tabs open. Imagine my panic when Slendy tune started to play XD
You, Kind Ma'am, Deserve a Lot more Karma.

Thank you for adding me!^^+5



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