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  • Name: Rafael
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Puerto Rico United States
  • Join Date: Mar 31, 2008
  • Last Access: 8 weeks ago
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raf you there ?

contact me on my facebook account


we are collecting our old members (( domo members )) for the new start

yooooooooooooooo Rafael my old friend (( domo friend ))

you still alive xD i thought you dead like the others

/high5 to the zombies >.o

i'm ok too ^^ and busy with work too xD

it's little hard to work and play =P

I'm still alive as well xD and very healthy

12 hours out home for work and the rest sleeping and going out with friends =P less time to play now


xD yoooooooooo dude ^^ long time no see

how r u doing man

anyway i hope u r doing good and having fun too

Blurb About Me

I'm a 28 year old guy from Puerto Rico who loved DOMO very much until it died. I'm currently playing Wartune (server 1). I like making friends and helping anyone as long as I have the time and the motivation. RPGs are my fascination regardless of the console. I also love listening to music and having intelligent conversations with people.