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Hello there Mike its been while,so how are you and have you heard from Punkwave?

Merry Christmassss - just trying to share a bit of holiday spirit!

It was wonderful! I got to talk to you and then spend time with my mum and sister. It was calm and peaceful~ ♥

Love you too~! ♥

Happy Thanksgiving, Love~! ♥♥♥
Clicky~! ♥

And one day, we'll be together, by each other's sides for real~!

Hahaha ok that's fine with me ;P

Thank you

That's my name hahaha:P



Blurb About Me

Hey everyone :) Welcome to my land of awesomeness ^-^ my name is Michael, Mike or Mikey for short ^_^ I'm just your average random person/video gamer/musician/anime lover/Pet treater/wishing he could fly guy. I enjoy playing video games, usually on my Xbox 360, Wii U or my own laptop :). I play guitar,bass,vocals,drums,bongos,piano,keytar,violin and my favorite: the triangle :3 My favorite anime so far is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :D its so good! I take care of animals as a bit of a job :) Other then that, i hope to make awesome new friends with everyone :) for now bye and enjoy the magical land of Mikey's World :D ~Mikey

P.S: Disregard my name, i just wasn't creative -_-

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