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Happy Belated Birthday! =P. Sorry that I was late! ^.^

*pokes* opps i took the first post.

Blurb About Me

Kingdom Heroes is my first Aeria game. Been playing it for quite a while. Played a tiny bit in closed beta. Open beta started off with the name of "LIFE" in QewQew guild in the nation of Wei. Shortly after moved and joined Shu with HanElites. Stayed there for quite some time then we merged with Requiem of Wu. Stayed in there for some time then took a small break. Came back and most of everyone left and few made another guild of their own, so I joined XtremeLegend for a bit until ended back in HanElites. A little bit of my jumping around history of KH.

Currently guild leader of HanElites in the nation of Wei under the name of "le-Tank". 187 polearm user TigerCaptain. I am a weak dps-er and a mediocre tank. I turned 200 few months ago and recently changed to a heavy weapon warrior. I'm nice and friendly for the most part haha. Drop me a PM if you have any questions or just wanted to talk about something/anything.

Ooo yea, I love basketball and the NBA on a side note. Good job DALLAS! Lakers - step it up next post season!