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eep it's an evil hika :p haiii how you been i miss you

*stalks chu* qwq

Hikaaaaaaaaa when will chu post the winner for the poems O:

Hika has such a pretty profile :D

Actually actually i might received that pm a bit late qq since thats what happens sometimes Q.Q... maybe u could post it on the comment section in my profile q.q thanks hilanab

Ohhhhhh sure send me a pm owo/

What stuff? O:

Hilanab why so hawt D':

Greetings, noobcake.

Hilaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaab o/ *stalks profile* jk :P


Two Years of Eden Eternal!


Blurb About Me

Hii my name is Christa. Most people in Eden Eternal knows me as [GS]Hikashu or "hika" or by my alt "PosionIvyHikashu", Yes I know it's spelled Poison but i wanted that way. lolz My guild is "TheFrozenElites" and "Celestial" on Diamond. I am here to help anyone or assist any one that needs my help. I am available at anytime and try to stay updated about Eden and any current events to be able to better assist anyone I may be of service to.