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Aww, sorry to hear about the job...trust me, I know how you feel. I'm still only working part-time, and Talon still hasn't found a job. I'll be happy when I get my tax return along with my school money so I can get my car and laptop fixed up right :P But as far as the guild goes, I actually left it for about a month or so. I had offered Kalaya leadership, but she didn't want it at first. About the time I decided to come back, she was wanting it so she could resurrect the guild, lmao. So, I'm actively recruiting now, and have met a few cool peeps. Some seem new to the game, and may not know how to talk yet, haha. Once you can get a new comp, we'd love to have you back on actively ;) Hope it all works out for you...and have fun in Shaiya til then :)

Been a GF GS for about two months now ^^ I'm doing a weekly trivia event on Wednesday nights at 7pm PST on Bodor and 8pm PST on Gaia...you should come check it out :D

lol I could only pick one Sabbath song for every 10 years. I also wanted to pick something that wouldn't set off everyone who came to my profile, so I went with Spiral Architect and Eternal Idol, which are softer and slower than most Sabbath songs.

And I found Appetite for Destruction decent, but other than that, I don't much care for Guns n Roses :P


soon I'll be gone to seek another starway...