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│ ♡ │ Forever Together Beyond the Stars of this Cosmic Love │ ♡ │


Thanks o:, I love what you did with your profile. :)

Why not both ?

Why u no reply yet


I agree. My name is awesome. More awesome than food (& I love eating.)

Thanks for the beautiful comment. You seem to like poetry (yea I actually read that wall of text x'D). About the trapped inside part, don't ever trap yourself because you'll regret it.

You shouldn't follow this way and make something out of what you have right now. But sure there people that choose this way of life because they're more comfortable being alone.

Kingdom hearts ftw! :3

The song you're using on your profile brought back some sadness in me. Never the less it's an awesome song and I really love Christina's voice. Oh btw I'm nobody just lurking through some profiles c:

Well thanks for helping

im using sheep playlist

Tankeiies! *Throws lots of love back at u 2! :D *

Blurb About Me

My Personality │ My Liking's │ My life
Of course you all know my name.
Though you can all call me │ Chichi or Chi │ .
Personality │ Me │
I can be a b*tch if need be. I have multiple personality and I don't hesitate to
use them all, nor waste them for pathetic reason like most people do.
I can and will say, I can be an attention seeker, but, in a goofy weird awkward like
you'll probably block me haha. But it's me and I love being me ♡.
If you don't like it then that's not much of my problem.
. │ ♡ │ Don't judge the Book by it's Cover │ ♡ │ .
My liking's │ Myself │
I can be very picky. It's hard for me to go shopping alone, and this is just me,
I always feel embarrass when I'm shopping for clothes . . . It's so weird I know,
but, that's just me. I would always need help when shopping and buying shoes, either
get the wrong size and or am just lazy to be a matchy matchy person.
I'm ultra weird people!
I would love to re-learn how to play the piano, cause now I suck at it. And also I need
a teacher to re-learn the violin { Need a new one again haha }.
I'm picky it's just me. It has to be an interesting movie, show, and or anime. Right now
I am watching [ 0 ] things. Thanks a lot school!
I love wolves, if your a wolf I'll probably fall in love with you ♡.
Color are all dark colors and some light color like baby blue.
. │ ♡ │ What can I say, I'm a Weirdo and Proud │ ♡ │ .
My life │ I │
I am sixteen years old, I go to a small Christian High School.
They call me │ Nerd │. Haha please don't wear it out bae's ♡. I have to
confess I am in 9th grade, hey don't judge I was pretty dumb back then lmao.
My life is clueless. I do not and I repeat do not know what I actually wanna be
now. I have tons of pressure in my life, trying to straight things out with the family,
keeping a relationship going and trying to fit in, in the crowd and in this sinful world.
I have no clue what so ever am I doing!
I have earned in achievement, I have stopped cutting! Woohoo isn't that like totally awesome!
Ya'll well, yea ya'll never knew this about me I think ? ? Well whatever, it's a work in
progress for me! I always use the term │ Clown face │ cause ya'll know that clowns smile
really weirdly and kinda in a scary way, yea that was me and it's still me lmao.
I have a horrible life but I ain't gonna bore ya'll with my pathetic story ♡ your welcome!
. │ ♡ │ The past is in the past, but is still Haunting my memories │ ♡ │ .