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Light!!!! -hugs-

Karama for the nice pics! Definately inspired, just recently going through posts and saw it, keep doing what ur doing, the pics look smexy! What software did u use to edit pics btw?

WB!!!!! we need to hang out in game sometime

Message me when u get this O:

Light QQ So sorry i mised ur IM >

hi :) im really interested in your photography and i have some nice screenshots that i hope i can contribute if thats ok? i just have to figure out how to upload them onto a different computer then ill send the pictures in too se what you think! :) thanks
Jo xx

LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Blurb About Me

I started playing this game 4 years ago, and my toons are innocentlight, innocentlight(shaiya phoenix) -purity-, alquacormlina, and -innocent-. My real name is Gaddy, and I am twenty. I'm very sweet and I like to help out new people to the game.