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Memories of a Nightmare: A DWO Short Film by S.n. Tenshi Has been uploaded. Enjoy it in HD! Thanks for Watching!

Yeah. I've been thinking about getting Skype, but never had much of a reason to. I'll take a look at it and see if I can use it.

With DWO closing, this must be said: it has been an honor fighting alongside you (and against you, of course). Hopefully, our paths may cross again, some other time and place.

Oh and nice background!! Hanzo is pretty kewl but kunoichi is kewler and better in every way! >:D lol jk kinda >:3

I'm in Wu too!! Omg when r u guys on i havent seen u guys I usually go online at 11:00 pm to 2 in the morning lol but I should have normal hours next week I live on the west coast so ya know that time zone and then add ur time zone and they carry the day light savings time multiplied by 7 then square it.... Oh yeah and ur profile pic lol her head got chopped off! >:3 jk when I saw that I was like :O and she was like x.x and the monster was like nom nom nom nom k see u soon don't forget to write back! ^-^

Hey! ur name rings a bell does mine ring urs!? its Tira Im from awhile back im the ninja of moonhunters guild i was with FLAME remember anything?? UR NAME IS SO FAMILIAR!! >:(

gan gan!!!


Tomoe Mami-Chan I Like You :3
Mami-chan 2 photo Mami_Tomoe_zps6cea343e.jpgMami-chan photo Mami-Tomoe-mami-tomoe-34624089-582-298_zps8c1dffe0.png and You Charlotte lol

hi ganning or mami im amiko.BH2
tomoe mami she is my fav ^.^b

still around, just haven't checked the old forums or messages.