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Blurb About Me

aaaand it looks like they wiped my profile :(

Was told I'd be perma-banned if I continue using shoutbox, or post anything new to the forum, or in any way try to help by posting new vids about the broken drop rates in Scarlet Blade, so bye everyone! You can still YIM me or inbox me, but I won't check the inbox all that often :(

I've moved to FFXIV ARR, so if you play it too, yim me and stuff so we can hook up ingame.


It's despicable how they can't make you come back to us Fuzzy. At least I can still talk to you via message, if that's ok~

Godspeed :)

Says the person with a bug crawling out of their eye...

Your...profile scares me. Don't hug me. I'm scared.

thanks :-)

karma for you :-)

Karma for you !!! :P

Thanks. I'll give some back. I like the creepy feel.

Thanks I needed it!