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Sweet picture karma for you

You silly

Why were you banned?

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>Pokes face

LOL do it nicely then xD

of course you do xD

epic owob

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lmfao i always get the comments on this profile

its the emergency way to reach meh ^^ through my thread or here

Blurb About Me

Hi there, I played on Dream Of Mirror Online and was an Onyx player and my character name was Kegon and my Jobs Lv were lv 68 Muse,Lv62 WD,Lv60 BM,Lv 51 Doctor,Lv 60 Wizard,50 Fencer, and Dancer,Theif All my jobs r lv 30+ ^.^ I was in The Wise Dragons Guild and that's where I am stuck with till Domo was Shut down on the depressing day, June 30th 2012.